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There can be great excitement when you plan that evening out to try a new restaurant and confidently anticipate a new experience with fresh new flavours. I have been to a few restaurants in the last month since i went wheat-free and thankfully i have always found a couple options to enjoy.

The restaurant we went to last Thursday night was a beautiful establishment designed with a contemporary flair and served clean and creatively plated food. I was excited to see the variety and different flavour palates on the menu, but it became clear quite fast that there was limited selection for my new eating plan.

As i searched the appetizers for something that intrigued me, it became clear that other than a couple seafood options, there was no choice but to order something that included an item with wheat. As i looked at the menu further I was encouraged to note that the other courses had multiple options for the remainder of my dinner.

For the appetizer i chose a beef tenderloin tartar. It was beautiful plated inside two cylinders of wonton shells, so the wheat was minimal. I thoroughly enjoyed my first adventure into the world of tartar. It was incredibly delicious and I loved the hint of wasabi. My dining partner had a small hand pulled pizza with prosciutto, figs and cheese. I will admit i did have a small piece and enjoyed it thoroughly. We finished our other courses and both said what a wonderful, relaxed dinner we enjoyed!

It certainly crossed my mind as i was mulling over my menu choices as to what would be the consequences of eating some wheat products after eliminating them just over three weeks before. In my mind, I would do an experiment. Well, at least that is the way i justified it. Here is how the “experiment” turned out. The following morning as i was working, i had my usual breakfast and all things seemed fine. By mid morning…that changed! I spent the morning craving food. I was RAVENOUS! I am thankful that i stuck to the right type of food, but it was a very strange feeling. It was like i could not satisfy my hunger. Thankfully it lasted until lunch. After that, my hunger was back to normal.

I have learned a good lesson! Stray a little, can lead to bad things. I went to a restaurant yesterday for lunch and enjoyed a wheat free lunch. It really does come down not only to what’s on the menu, but what choices am I willing to make!

P.S. The restaurant last Thursday was Kultura – King St. E – Toronto. Check it out!