I find myself, over the last couple days having cravings for certain foods. Although not very often I did, on occasion, enjoy a McD’s Sausage McMuffin. The thought of the freshness of an English muffin, as well as the crunch of it being toasted is causing me to feel sad that i can’t have one.

The last couple of weeks as i take my leisurely stroll through the grocery store, I am often reminded…ok let’s be blunt…it slaps me in the face!…  when i see all of the things that are no longer a part of my diet. There are moments it has been hard and that i wish i could bake that pie, or create that special cake. Thankfully i have started to explore the incredibly amount of non wheat recipes that are available to us as well as experimenting a bit on my own. I’m learning so much!

I simply remember how good I am feeling…the craving quickly disappears (most times)  🙂