Just over two weeks ago I finished reading “Wheat Belly” and began the journey of eating for better health. The book had more information that my head could absorb, but it all made perfect sense. Through the process of reading the book I started to note what i ate, observed the immediate results and came to some interesting conclusions. Wheat makes me sleepy, drowsy, dopey and well i might as well just be the 7 dwarfs all in one!

It was quite the effort cleaning out the cupboards of products that contained wheat. i did make the decision to not freak out if i had a sauce that contained a minute amount of it, but got rid of all products that were based on wheat. That’s where the fun started! What could i put back in my cupboard to have available for upcoming meals? That was a great question and thankfully there was a great amount of information in the book and on the web of what could be substituted. I did like the advice that Dr. Davis recommended was not to fill your diet up with replacements that would feel similar to your diet, but to discover new foods, new tastes and new ideas that will both help your body and help you on the journey to a healthier life.

I’ve had some time to do more research and find recipes and even try a few new things. I’ve decide to share what i learn. I love to cook and play with recipes, so I hope over time you will enjoy the recipes I discover and share.

Stay tuned for more exciting information, recipes and maybe even some radical ideas! Thanks for joining me!